Monday, July 25, 2011

What Do They Feed the Men in the UK???

We must just stop to mention that we have been meeting in person and/or talking to online
A LOT of hot men in the UK. As word travels about SOLD OUT Clothing, we are 
experiencing a large and enthusiastic number of people from the UK, whether they may be
porn models or new clients ordering a custom shirt on our SOLD OUT Clothing site
We are loving it!!! It led to a now lengthy back and forth conversation with Jay Roberts,
who when we finally met during his first L.A. trip, modeled for SOLD OUT Clothing.
He, as you can see above, managed effortlessly to take a strong set of gorgeous photos,
mostly clothed in our Tom of Finland shirts.

 We are currently nurturing growing relationships with a few other UK men that have expressed not only their admiration for Tom of Finland's artwork, but for the shirts that they had seen! That makes the admiration MUTUAL. We admire them as well, as is the case with Harley Everett (above left) and Issac Jones (above right), both of which we have a strong feeling you will all be seeing them in SOLD OUT very soon!

Congratulations to new Titan exclusive Marco Wilson who we have seen in Men at Play episodes among others, who is not only HOT naked but guaranteed to be very HOT in our customized shirts! His newly launched site and blog starts off with a mention of SOLD OUT Clothing, and we thank you Marco and good luck!!!

Finally, we need to thank local friend Gabe whose site Rolling Blackouts is a favorite of ours and a sure go-to for seeing all the great people going out to various clubs and events and having a great time. Gabe is a friend of Kennedy Carter and when they last met in Chicago for IML, they got to spend some time hanging out, and Kennedy posed for Gabe and for us! See the super HOT photo of Kennedy in the customized shirt that now bears his name, The Kennedy!

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