Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DJ Drew G's DIRTY POP TOUR Promotional t-shirts by SOLD OUT Clothing

SOLD OUT Clothing is excited to team with  DJ Drew G, Jason King and Jon McQueen to co-sponsor Drew's DIRTY POP TOUR with these hot promotional t-shirts. Each one is slightly different, with elements of metallic foil, rhinestones and metal studs.

Two graphic options are available, with "I-Heart-Drew" graphic on back along neckline. Hanes 100% cotton shirt in either white or charcoal.

D-Bag Cut #3, showoff cut, also with
foil accents.

D-Bag Cut #2, sides cut low, with holes
and foil accents.

All shirts are $25, cut or not. Please contact with shirt choice(s)
and any other questions you may have.
Be sure to follow DJ Drew G on facebook to see
the DIRTY POP tour schedule!

Dirty Pop in gray, D-Bag Cut#2,
with metal stud accents.

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