Friday, September 30, 2011

Fond Memories of Keith's First Folsom...

Thanks to friend Dany for capturing on video what Keith witnessed for himself as well, puppets playing in the "sprinklers." Two friendly creatures looking for fun times with a little 'audience participation.' Enjoy the various photos below, many of which capture the appearances of SOLD OUT Clothing shirts on the streets of Folsom throughout the weekend.

Dominick & Renato
Miguel Angel Reyes at the RSS/Falcon booth

Renato all geared up

Landon Conrad and Miguel in his laced SOLD OUT shirt
Thank you Miguel for sporting SOLD OUT all weekend!

James Jamesson (David's a fan!)
Miguel wearing the Nu-Wave TOM

Dominick & Renato sandwiching Dan Lovell
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Scotty Bee in his "TOM in Retro 3-D shirt (w/ glasses!)

Thank you Keith for snapping one with another David fave, Kennedy Carter!

Friends to David and Keith and big fans of SOLD OUT Clothing, Dominick Munafo and Renato Marcelle have worked the runway for us and worn it and worked it so well!

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