Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011 - SOLD OUT Party & WeHo Blvd. Walk!

 This Halloween, partially because of the growing notoriety of SOLD OUT Clothing and because of all the new friends we have made, we had a party which at several times throughout the night it was a full house! Porn models and messy/fabulous drag mingled, and it was a nice time. Thank you to West Hollywood councilman John D'amico for joining us - pictured above between friends and gogo couple Dominick and Renato. Our friend Kyle came, as did Dany and Joe, and a late appearance by Vk-thor. I opted to stay with guests, but Keith ventured up to the Blvd with friends Jared Tyler, Trevor Knight and David Alanson (pictured below). We were also visited by The Pink Swans Rastino and Dylan and that was a pleasant surprise. Other friends came and came with their friends and we want to thank them for coming! Apologies that I ran out of time to carve the pumpkins, couldn't have topped last year's spider, but next year yes!

We had a nice gathering of a cast of characters at our house on Halloween. It was not the same as we were missing BOTH of our best friends Marshall and Gabby who sadly passed away earlier this year. Marshall came over on Halloween and since we are only a couple blocks from Santa Monica Blvd. we had our patio decorated and Keith and Marshall screamed and scared people walking by. That was really the highlight of Halloween. Keith and his best friend of 25 years, Gabriel aka Gabby Superstar, were both fans of horror movies, ESPECIALLY the borderline campy yet classic ones such as Halloween and Friday the 13th. We miss them both, and dedicated our festivities this year to them. XX

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