Friday, December 21, 2012

First Look: SOLD OUT Clothing Runway Show!

Thanks to Miguel Angel Reyes for these first shots of behind-the-scenes of our big show Wednesday night at Micky's in Weho!
Full cast just before the start of the show. Kneeling: Adam Killian, Jeremy Stevens, Preston Steel, Cutler X.  Standing:  John D'Amico, Dalend Biles, Johnathan Myers, Adam Russo, Dominick Munafo, Renato Marcelle, SOLD OUT's Keith Webb, John Odom, Leeor Ely, Derek Parker, Shaun Andaluz, Albert Ontiveros, Josef Jasso, Johnny Parker.

The amazing House of Xtravaganza opened the show for us!

Thank you to Tommy and Kevin for providing their hair and makeup wizardry. Jeremy Stevens is enjoying
getting dolled up. Follow Jeremy on twitter @J_StevensXXX

Gogo superstar Johna rocks a Rising Sun flag cutout shirt
for the Japanese segment of the show. Follow Johna on twitter @Johnathan_Myers
SOLD OUT's David with two favorites: Renato & Dominick
Superhot Adam Russo serving it up.
Thanks to special guest Adam Killian, here with new to the
SOLD OUT runway, Leeor Ely.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

2nd Annual West Hollywood Gogo Appreciation Event

SOLD OUT got to participate in the Gogo Appreciation festivities this year, as one of this year's Judges' gift bag entries.  12 guest judges, 6 finalists and an array of West Hollywood notables and other local hot gogo dancers made for an enjoyable evening.
SOLD OUT Clothing items for the Judges' gift bags packed and ready!

Contest judge and last year's winner Dominick Munafo in custom SOLD OUT
stands with the 6 finalists determined by Frontiers Magazine voting. Photo c/o
Gabe Ayala.

Micky's man Stefano Rosso is flanked by judges Brandon Liberati
and Craig Ramsay of Fit & Fabulous.

Winner Vladimir shows off his custom rhinestoned jockstrap
by Glam Monster. He does a great Britney...really did have the best moves.

Mr. Dinger Dominick Munafo cozies up with fellow judge
the fantastic Michelle Visage.
West Hollywood City Councilmember
John D'amico pictured with Dominick

Surprise guest Derek Hartley from  Sirius/XM Radio's
OUTQ/Derek & Romaine Show joins the festivities.

Many of the people involved in making the event possible.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Derek Parker's First Cocktails With the Stars

We attended Scotty Bee's weekly Porn Revue Cocktails With the Stars at Micky's in West Hollywood for Derek Parker's first time on the couch! Lots of underwear flashes and fan questions and porn giveaways. Derek is currently on #TeamMitch on Season 3 of Dominic Ford's So You Think You Can Fuck. Non-members can see the weekly physical challenges as well as judges' reviews, but only members can view the weekly sex scenes that accompany each challenge. The wardrobe for SYTYCF was provided by SOLD OUT Clothing, by the way :) Big thanks to Dominic Ford and Jack Manly Blog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DJ eur-O-steve D-Bag shirt & Chi Chi spins at Here

Stefano Rossi proudly plays human billboard for DJ eur-O-steve, wearing the SOLD OUT D-Bag cut shirt we have collaborated on with Steve. More will be seen of this shirt as Steve has a built up a loyal fanbase. We then travelled over to Here Lounge where DJ Chi Chi LaRue entertained with POP POP, addtional candy provided by Dean Monroe. Keiron Ryan showed up in his custom aqua TOM shirt and made a nice visual splash himself.

photos c/o Brenden-John 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Friends of SOLD OUT at White Party 2012

Renato Marcelle, Dominick Munafo, John Odom, Beau Dickey & Jesse Jordan are among those that took some SOLD OUT to Palm Springs for White Party weekend.

Terry Miller Wears SOLD OUT at the NewNowNext Awards

Terry Miller, husband to Dan Savage and co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, wore a custom silver Rebel head on a black and white raglan to LogoTV's NewNowNext Awards.

Find out more at

Friday, March 30, 2012

SOLD OUT Anniversary Show Review Part 1

The above picture captures it all, and we are so lucky to have the people we had who joined us for our runway show March 21st. Porn/DJ top diva Chi Chi LaRue (twitter@DJChiChiLaRue) is flanked by drag megastar and RPDR Season 3 winner RAJA ( and fierce drag rock bitch Rhea Litre (@RheaLitre). Thank you also to Jazzmun (below, longtime muse to David and Keith, who also joined our homage to rock and metal.

We MUST thank Durk Dehner, President and co-founder of the Tom of Finland Foundation, who along with VP SHARP both gave us their stamp by attending the show - we should have had Scotty Bee call you  both out! We would not have been able to launch SOLD OUT Clothing without the advice and guidance of Durk and SHARP, so thank you both for being there!

Behind the scenes: the help that Miguel Angel Reyes has contributed to the backstage machine is invaluable, and for that we thank you Miguel!!! Filming part of the backstage shenanigans was our friend Ashley (twitter@AshCamerazzi) who brought welcome runway addition Phenix Saint (twitter@THEPHENIXSAINT). Joining us for the first time to collaborate was hair and makeup team Tommy & James, and we couldn't have asked for a more helpful team to get our models ready in such a time crunch!! Thank you both (twitter@UndieHunk).

To our models (and there were a total of 30 of you!) we must next acknowledge you NON-porn guys that did not get announced when you came out on stage: Model, Stanford graduate student and friend Dwain Leland

Trainers/models/boyfriends John Odom and Jesse Jordan

Choreographer Mario Mosley & boyfriend, writer Justin Hurt

A special thank you to JONNY MCGOVERN, who was joined by two hotties from his "Dickmatized" video, model Miles Davis Moody & Johnathan Myers. If you don't know Jonny's work, check out his YouTube Channel as his new album "The Gayest of all Time" was just released, co-produced by Mr. "Faggoty Attention," Adam Joseph!

Thank you to pinup model and artists' muse Trevor Wayne who rocked the stage debuting not one but two TW by SOLD OUT shirts!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The SOLD OUT Interview - Trenton Ducati, Part 1

First off, a big thank you our good friends of the Jack Manly Blog (twitter: @Jack_Manly) for their second post on our Anniversary Runway Show this Wednesday the 21st at Micky's West Hollywood.

While we very much would have liked to have SOLD OUT poster man Trenton Ducati (twitter: @trentonducati) join us on the runway, Trenton assures us he will be there in spirit cheering us on! Speaking of Trenton, we are excited that he is the first subject of our SOLD OUT INTERVIEW series in which we present people that have really supported us in turn with questions that dig a little deeper. In the case of people that may work in the adult industry, a little bit more than  "Who would you like to fuck next?"

So we posed a few questions to great guy and new friend Trenton Ducati, and here is Part 1:

Hi Trenton, thank you for doing this interview! Describe for us and for your fans your state of mind at this point in your life.

I would say I am incredibly thankful at this point in my life. I am healthy and have a successful business at home. I am grateful everyday that I have the opportunity to exercise and stay in shape because I love it so much. It is nice when people appreciate the work that it takes to build nice physiques. I love my new porn career because I love being in front of the camera and it is a place for me to possibly help those affected by addictions. I feel very empathetic for those with addiction issues having had them my entire life, and I want to be known for showing people that there is a way to have fun and live clean and sober if that is your choice. For all the people promoting drug use I am here to remind people that meth isn't cute and neither are the people doing it.

 How long has Trenton Ducati the name and persona been a part of your life now?
 Trenton Ducati the name has been around for awhile. I had a crush on a boy named Trenton when I was 15,  Ducati is my favorite motorcycle company, and being that I am Italian I figured combining the two names would be a custom fit name. It's a very sexy Italian name .

 Was your decision to get into porn on a whim or had you thought about it for a while?
My decision to become part of the adult industry was a well thought out and planned decision. It took a little while to get my body and mind together on the same page. My battles with addiction delayed my grand entrance into not only the adult industry but all of life. My decision to make adult films is because I really wanted to and I absolutely love it. The people in it have been golden. I am having the greatest time of my life, and I am so thankful to be a part of this industry.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SOLD OUT's One Year Anniversary Party & Runway

We are marking the one year anniversary of the launch of SOLD OUT Clothing and the one year anniversary of our very first runway show on March 21, 2012, at Micky's in West Hollywood. Join us as we celebrate rock and metal in our very own way. Special guest/model appearances are guaranteed! Here is our official Micky's flyer for the event with covermodel Trenton Ducati.
We will be featuring new items created especially for the runway, and items that will be added to our website. We can guarantee that it will be an exciting show, that we will have some hot fitness models, gogo boys, and pornstars. We can also assure those out there who are not in Weho and/or are not able to attend the show, that we will have a lot of pics from the red carpet, from backstage, and from the show itself, as well as the show video.

As always throughout this past year we will continue to present a variety of Tom of Finland shirts as we remain close to the Tom of Finland Foundation and are thankful for their continued support of our development as a brand. We will also be incorporating more of our original slogan shirts, which show our humorous take on LGBT and leather/kink related themes and subjects, such as our popular "GOT WS" and "Forever Horny" shirts. Something new this show will feature several of our collaborations, such as our shirt projects with Jeff from Str8Cam and now, Jay Roberts and PLAYTIME in London, Dylan Rosser and his NAKED book, and DJ's eur-O-steve, Drew G & Chi Chi LaRue.

A special thank you to Jeff from SPUNK Lube for his great blog post  and to our very good friends at Jack Manly for their post regarding the show  and they promise to update further as the show gets closer!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SOLD OUT Clothing presents Greg McKeon in the GST

Model, dancer, fitness instructor & entrepeneur Greg McKeon is also the man behind The Gay Stoners site among other projects. The first in a series of Gay Stoner Tees (GST), pictured is a drawing of Greg by famed Los Angeles artist & illustrator Miguel Angel Reyes. Sold exclusively through our site and through the Gay Stoners site.